Why Your Business Should Apply for Industry Awards

You should ask yourself: is my business benefiting from the positive PR that can be gained by attaining industry awards? Winning awards adds credibility to your business and can be the reason someone chooses your business over your non-award winning competitor.

The PR benefits associated with being an award winning company are vast, but it is also arguably more cost effective and beneficial to your brand to gain an award than paying for advertising. An award can do a great deal more for the reputation and brand awareness of a business than advertorials and other paid promotions. On top of all this, winning awards often provides the opportunity to meet and network with other award winners.

In order to gain these accolades, it requires some effort on the part of the business. Few award providers select and nominate businesses on their own accord, instead businesses must put themselves forward. To do this, you will need to send a written submission along with supporting documents detailing why you deserve the award. More often than not, submissions take the form of, well… a form. These forms will have a number of questions about the business, each pertaining to a particular aspect of the business i.e. growth, customer service, product/service offering etc.

The main drawback associated with applying for awards is the sheer amount of time it can take. There are numerous types of awards within any given sector and within these there are a number of different categories. The length of submissions – or the required word count – can vary greatly, but all are undeniably time consuming.

A certain level of skill and know-how is required to write a successful submission. Sometimes questions can be worded in an ambiguous way and it can be difficult to respond to meet the exacting criteria. Writing award submissions is a skill in its own right, and as with any skill, a great deal of practice is required in order excel at it.

It does seem rather unfair that businesses that meet the criteria for these awards aren’t in with a chance of being considered because they either don’t have the time to dedicate to writing submissions, or simply can’t quite articulate the merits of their business.

Fortunately, there is a solution. As more and more businesses and consumers recognise the importance of awards, content writers have responded by offering to write award submissions on behalf of businesses. In fact, many go beyond just writing the submissions, but also provide an initial consultation to determine which awards the business is actually eligible for.

As a marketing and PR agency committed to growing our clients businesses through strategic, digital and creative means, this is a service we also provide. We’re experienced in writing award submissions for our clients and have good relationships with local award providers; we know exactly what the questions are asking for and so are able to respond appropriately – providing the judges with the information they need to seriously consider your business. So, if you’re strapped for time but understand the value awards bring to businesses, or you would simply like help getting across why your business deserves recognition, please do get in touch.

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