What Are the Best Practices for Email Marketing?

When used correctly, email marketing can be an incredibly useful marketing tool. However, ‘using it correctly’ isn’t exactly straightforward, especially if you’re new to the game. To give you some help, we’ve come up with a list of best practices to follow which will give you the best chance success with your email marketing campaigns.

Ask for permission – It’s a good idea to ask your subscribers to confirm their request to subscribe to your list, so as to avoid the amount of automated spam subscriptions which enter your list. This is quite simple to integrate, with most email marketing services offering the option for you to do this when you create your campaigns.

Grab attention – Do you ever just delete an email without even reading it? Well, you’re certainly not alone in that. Most people decide whether or not they’re going to read an email just by looking at the title. This considered, it’s important that you make sure your email has a title that will catch they eye of the recipient right away. Even simple things like capitalising the first letter of each word or using the current date can make a significant difference.

Make it relevant – Before creating your email, you should always have a clear picture in your mind of what you want the email to look like and what you hope to achieve from it. You should always make sure that the title accurately reflects the subject matter of your email, if it doesn’t, people will feel cheated and likely unsubscribe from future communications. By doing this, you will retain your list of subscribers, which is always good news. Losing subscribers is the last thing any Email Marketer wants.

Build a relationship – Building a relationship with your subscribers is probably the most valuable thing you can get from email marketing, but it is also probably the most difficult to attain. You don’t want to make your subscribers feel that all you ever do is promote your products, this will never enable you to form a relationship with your subscribers. Try to balance out your promotional emails with some emails about company news, competitions or gift giveaways!

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