A brand is the face of your business, it is the medium through which you communicate with your customers. How your business is perceived is almost entirely dependent on its branding- it is therefore vital that it’s as distinctive and as memorable as possible.

Having a coherent brand that really engages with your target audience has never been more important – the modern, discerning consumer does not buy based on what you can do, but on how you make them feel. Your brand is the component of your business that is responsible for evoking emotion.

A brand encompasses a large array of elements, from your name to your logo; all must be carefully created and harmonise with one another, ultimately resulting in a consistent brand identity that will capture the attention of, engage with and command loyalty from your target market.

We are committed to infusing creativity into everything we do, and as a result produce high quality, crafted work, underpinned by a strategic and considered approach. Our experience in design means that we create brands that really stand out from the crowd, backed up with comprehensive brand guidelines that help to protect the use and consistent application of your brand.

Our branding service, however, extends beyond just the visual elements. We help businesses to create and maintain all aspects of a brand, including identifying company values, mission/vision statements, USP’s, and establishing a tone of voice to create a truly unique brand identity.

We work closely with clients to understand their business, their competitors and their customers. We then use this knowledge to create an appropriate, effective and original brand identity which is eye-catching, exciting and can be applied seamlessly across both print and digital platforms. Our prowess in this field means we regularly become involved in all aspects of branding, including: concept, name generation, identity design, brand positioning, implementation and refreshing existing brands.

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