Think a career in marketing could be right for you?

Here at Hype, we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our supportive and friendly team, which is why we take the time to read through every CV we receive.

We’ll do more than just read.

We’ll think long and hard about how we could make the most of your talents and what we could offer you in return. We’ll look at things like your qualifications, skills and experience. But we’ll also look beyond the formal and obvious because inviting you to join us is not a tick-box exercise.

We’ll look at your approach to life and work, as well as your ability to be creative and your perspective.

Why? Because we recognise that thinkers and doers come in all shapes and sizes, and the ability to connect previously unconnected dots is what makes someone truly stand out. Not their age, gender, grades or their current job title.

In terms of your personality and attitude…

We’re looking for people people. By which we mean, are you friendly and positive in your outlook? Do you work well with other people? You don’t have to be blindingly optimistic or never express a dislike, but we do want you to see the good and bad in every situation and decide the most constructive course of action to take.

Titt for tatt, this and that, he said, she said

Things only get better when problems arise or when they’re pointed out. No one changes a good thing for the sake of it. But therein lies an opportunity. To make something better. To evolve. To be creative!

So, we’d like to know how you handle constructive feedback. The word “criticism” has a bad rap, but when you hear practical feedback delivered with kindness and sincerity, and with the intention of helping you to make or do something better, it’s a good thing. It’s an opportunity.

Roll with it

And are you adaptable, as in, how do you cope with change and can you learn new skills? Surviving and prospering in the marketing world is all about adaptation and learning.

No two days are the same. Nothing stays still for long. That’s not a euphemism for chaos or excuse to be disorganised, it just means plans are made but sometimes they have to change.

Like us, like you

If we think your CV has something interesting to say, and we think you might be a good match for our team, we’ll ask if you’d like to meet up. Hopefully you’ll say yes.

This is your chance to get to know us and for us to get to know you a little better. We want to hear your take on marketing and anything else you think we should know or that will make you stand out. A lot of CVs are identical: name, qualifications, jobs. Blah, blah, blah.

OK. Some of these things are essential to include, but how you write your CV will make a big difference to us. We’re humans and we want to read CVs written by humans and written in a human way. Be informative, yes, but be emotive and memorable too.

We want you to stand out, so that we take notice; how you stand out is up to you. Advertising is all about getting attention; marketing is about persuading people once you have their attention. So, get our attention then persuade us.

Yes and no

If we invite you to join the team, you’ll have the pleasure of working in a bright, busy, exciting, creative and friendly environment. You’ll also benefit from an incentive-based bonus scheme, a pension scheme and 29 days holiday a year (including bank holidays), to take as and when you choose.

We love diversity

We thrive on it. Creativity is nothing without diversity. So, you’ll be reassured to know that as an equal opportunities employer – as an applicant or employee – we’ll treat you with respect and dignity. In legal spiel, that means we treat everyone in a fair and equal manner regardless of their gender, marital status, race, religion, colour, age, disability or sexual orientation.


If a career at Hype sounds like it could be for you, then check out our latest vacancies and send us your CV, we can’t wait to have a read through and find out what you could bring to our team and what we could bring to you!

Even if there are no vacancies listed below, please send us your CV anyway and let us know what you’re looking for and how Hype would benefit by asking you to join the team.

Our latest vacancies

We’re not advertising any formal vacancies right now, but then again… maybe we haven’t seen your CV yet!

A kind message for recruiters

We respect you. You have a job to do, just like us. We know you have to be proactive and get in touch when you think there’s an opportunity to place a candidate or work with a client to find a candidate.

Fair enough.

And by the same measure, it’s important for us to know that you understand and respect how we like to work.

So if you see a vacancy advertised above, or are just wondering if you can work with us, please be assured that we are already working with our preferred agency or trying to find the candidate ourselves.

We know that search can be a challenge, and recruiters can help find the right person, but first and foremost we like to do things ourselves.

When the time is right for us to look further afield, we will seek you out and ask for your help.