Copywriting for Social Media

Some people assume social media is easy! It doesn’t take much effort to write up a quick post and call it a day.

WRONG- crafting compelling copy that encourages engagement can be tough. It takes skill and thoughtfulness to write a strong post, and whilst remembering that each network is different, you also have to keep in mind character limits, audience, image sizes and so much more.

With more than 55 million status updates made each day just on Facebook you’ve got a lot of competition for people’s attention. In order to stand out, you need to wield your words wisely. This means writing posts that are engaging and speak directly to what your audience want.


With that in mind, follow these five tips to improve your social media copywriting today:

  • Write to Your Target Audience

While it’s important to write to your target audience in all of your online copywriting, nowhere is this more critical than on social media. Your audience may respond better to longer written content. The type of posts that work for your needs can be tailored to the audience for better engagement.

  • Know Your Character Limit

We’ve all been there, you’ve started writing your post and it suddenly gets cut off mid sentence. You forgot you were on Twitter with the 140 character limit and now have to try and cut words out, whilst still ensuring it makes sense. Each social network have different character limits- Social media scheduling platform Buffer have put together a great infographic to show you the optimal characters for each platform.

  • To Hashtag, or Not to Hashtag

Similar to character counts each social media platform has different best practices for using hashtags. For example; hashtags were made for Twitter and you can try and use them where possible, whereas hashtags are not popular or regularly used on Linkedin. It’s best to do your research before using hashtags throughout your content.

  • Define Your Social Media Voice

It’s important to understand voice and tone for creating a consistent experience for your audience. Laying the groundwork to establish a consistent voice and tone has a huge impact on the emotional connection to your audience- and emotions are hugely important! Give your content personality to suit your business; whether it be lively, positive or professional you will find one that appeals to the emotions of your audience and works for you and your business.

  • Use quality visuals

While not a ‘copywriting tip’, per se, the inclusion of visuals is important for effective social copy. In addition to the fact that adding visuals to your social content can help illustrate your points more effectively, they can also have a positive effect on your contents share and engagement rates.

If social media is important to your business, then invest in the time and resources it takes to do it right. You’ll start to see a difference in your results.

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