Google Algorithm Changes You Need to Be Aware Of

Keeping up with SEO can often feel like an impossible task, what with Google constantly changing and redeveloping its algorithm. In fact, it has been estimated that Google updates its search engine algorithm a staggering 600 times a year. Fortunately, not all of these changes will have a particularly significant impact on your SEO ranking, however it’s important that you’re aware of the ones that will.

Here are the two key changes you need to be aware of this year:

Fred – A strange name choice, but a big change. This algorithm update happened in March and caused quite a stir at the time, with some website owners seeing 90% of their keywords drop in ranking. It’s affected a large number of websites, however the ones which were most heavily affected were ones which had very little content on its pages, but contained a lot of ads. Even if you don’t think your website has been affected, it’s worth checking your analytics to assess any damage done.

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing – Though no official launch date has been given, within the next few months, Google will be giving priority to mobile-friendly websites. This means that websites that have been primarily designed for desktop viewing will likely see a significant drop in their Google ranking. This is a massive change, and one that must not be ignored if you want to remain, or get to the front page of Google. In order to prepare, you need to ensure your website is responsively designed. In layman’s terms, this means that your website needs to work across all (or at least most) devices. If you wish to find out more about Google’s Mobile First Indexing, please read our blog on the subject.

Both of these algorithm changes have been designed to favour user-friendly websites, with quality content and fewer ads. If your website is built around these principles, then your SEO ranking will no doubt, be positive.

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