10 Tips to Grow a Social Media Audience for your Norwich Start-Up

So, you’re a start-up business in Norwich and you want to enter the world of social media. But what’s the point in sharing on social media if you have no audience to share with? Here are a few helpful tips to help you on your way to growing your social media audience for your Norwich start-up;

1. Create strong profiles

First thing’s first, make sure your social media profiles are on point! You will need to make sure all of your profiles include an on brand profile picture and cover photo, a short bio description about your business, website link and of course contact details. In short, fill out as many fields on your social media pages as possible.

If you’re new to social media it’s advisable to make a few posts prior to trying to grow your audience. This will encourage users who visit your pages to follow.

2. Add social media links to website and email

Make sure that everyone who emails you and visits your website knows you’re also active on social media. This can be done by simply adding the social media icons onto your website’s header, footer or sidebar and/or in your email signature.


3. Share quality content

To start building your audience you need to be sharing content your target audience will enjoy and can engage with. You can share videos, images, blog content or infographics either created by you or other local businesses (avoid competitors, you don’t want to push your followers to them).

4. Post frequently

Managing social media is not a nine-to-five job it’s 24/7. Depending on your target audience, they may be online during evenings and weekends. That’s not to say your life needs to revolve around social media however just keep it in mind and complete regular checks.

Posting on social media platforms on a daily basis and monitoring comments, retweets, reshares etc is a great way to engage and communicate with the online community.

5. Use advertising

Social media is free, however there is the option to use paid promotion and advertising to engage with a much larger audience. This is a cost effective way to help build your follower base, whilst ensuring the promotions are being displayed to users within your locality. Social media advertising gives you the option to target particular audiences you can choose such fields as location, age, interests and behaviours.

6. Follow your target audience

You know who your target audience are, so why not make the first move? Start with people in your local area, use Twitter search to find people that match your target audience. Twitter searches for keywords in people’s bio’s as well as tweets. Another idea is to take a look who your competitors are following, as they may be targeting a particular group you may not have thought of.

Ok, so you now follow your target audience you just need them to follow you back – the best way is for you to engage and interact with people and hopefully they will return the favour.

7. Join groups and forums

Social media groups are great for engaging with other active users and find people in your local area or who have the same interests as you. Be sure to participate in discussions and provide valuable and interesting answers to encourage people to want to connect and follow you.

8. Use #hashtags

Hashtags are an important part of social media particularly on Twitter and Instagram. If you use hashtags throughout your content people can easily find your posts in a hashtag stream, if users like your content they will follow you. It’s also important to keep an eye on trending hashtags and use them where relevant to you and your business.

On Twitter hashtags are also a great way to join in with conversations, for example; #NorfolkHour if you search for this hashtag you will find other local Norwich/Norfolk businesses communicating with each other using that hashtag.


9. Engage with everyone

People love to feel like part of a community and will be more likely to follow someone they feel they can trust. It is therefore, important to view social media as a conversation between you and your audience, rather than focusing on generating conversions. Creating content that is relevant and engaging encourages users to interact, such as questions, polls, competitions and trending hashtags etc. But remember you want to keep your audience growing so don’t only start conversations but respond to customers – retweet like and share their posts.

10. Get users involved

One word COMPETITIONS! People love to participate in competitions so it is a great way to grow your audience. To win get people to follow your page and share the post in question or get them to share the post with 3 friends – this will open your posts up to a wider audience and also encourage more people to follow you for more engaging content.

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