Could Illustration Work for Your Brand?

Strong visuals are instrumental to any successful, engaging and coherent brand, but in a market saturated with mediocre stock photography, is there another way to stand out from the crowd?

Photography is often a solid choice when used in advertising or marketing- it can be both an artistic and demonstrative medium able to show the consumer products, services and locations in a clear, visually pleasing way. However, all too often photography is overused- and too much in one space can become a long stream of visual information that the consumer struggles to make a differentiation between, or process in a positive way.

A solution to ensuring a potential client’s engagement with your print project, website or product is to mix up the visual information by offering something new and fresh. Illustration can do just this- it is a simple, adaptable and often cost- effective way of generating custom imagery for your brand, business or event.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of having imagery like this created to a brief is that it can be completely in sync with your brand’s voice. Specific brand colours? Commission an illustration tinted in only these colours. Unusual logo design? Ask your illustrator to create matching icons for your website. These detailed elements add up to a polished, cohesive brand that will draw your client in and ensure they stay.

Illustration is also a great way to visually explain complicated or abstract concepts and ideas that photography could struggle to portray. Often, illustration can be much more budget friendly than commissioned photography or reams of stock images, which makes it a great option for start- up businesses as well as established brands looking for something a little different.

Additionally, the bespoke nature of illustrative work unlocks huge possibility for its application. From the traditional- watercolour paintings, pencil sketches- to more contemporary techniques like digital rendering and flat icons, illustration encompasses a wide range of styles that keep work adaptable and original.

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