4 Last-Minute Christmas Marketing Ideas For Small Local Businesses

Christmas is an important time of year for almost any size of business, but none more so than for smaller local businesses.

Due to the sheer amounts of marketing larger companies bombard consumers with, it can be easy for smaller businesses to become overlooked during the hectic and sometimes unforgiving nature of the Christmas advertising frenzy.

As a side note, this is why we love events such as Small Business Saturday (which took place last week). Because it raises awareness of smaller, local businesses, and encourages everyone to support them. Something which is especially important to do over the Christmas period.

But with Small Business Saturday behind us, and with the Christmas countdown now well and truly upon us, what can small businesses do now which will help their marketing messages to be heard in a market dominated by notoriously noisy big businesses?

We’re going to try and help you solve this dilemma, by sharing 4 last-minute Christmas marketing tips with you that will give your campaign a festive fanfare in the run up to Christmas.

1. A personal touch can go a long way

One of the big advantages a small business has over a large business is that they are able to provide a super personal service to their customers. It’s unlikely a company as big as John Lewis, for example, could send all of their customers a personalised Christmas card – but small businesses can.

Sending your customers a hand-written Christmas card, with a note perhaps that only the business and customer would understand – and signed by the owner of the business too – is a very simple, and incredibly cost effective way to keep your business fresh in the minds of your customers, and it may even encourage the recipients to use your services once again. It’s well worth a try. And it’s very personal.

And being personal stands out in the automated advertising world.

2. Deck the halls with boughs of holly, and your advertising!

When it comes to marketing, Christmas decorations do a lot more than just make people feel festive. They send a strong message to consumers that it’s Christmas time, and your business has some exciting offers which they won’t want to miss out on.

With this in mind, don’t only focus the decorations on your store: put them across all of your digital and print communications. Your website, social media pages, email marketing campaigns, print advertising – try and cover all bases so that regardless of whether your customers are shopping online, or on the high street, they can see that your business is in keeping with the festive theme.

Or better still – why not partner with a local craft company who specialises in making beautiful Christmas decorations, and include a photo of their decorations in your social media posts. This will show your local customers that you’re supporting another local business and offering something unique!

3. Tis the season of giving – so why not hold a competition?

Competitions are a brilliant way to create a buzz around your brand at Christmas time, particularly on social media, where even offering a small reward can magic up a lot of engagement.

You might want to consider creating a festive-themed hashtag to accompany your competition, and encourage those who enter the competition to use it.

This will give you a clear indication as to how many people are getting involved with the competition, and it will help raise awareness of the competition as well.

Just make sure that any competition you hold is tailored to each specific platform. For example, on Twitter you might want to ask your followers to retweet and comment to enter, whereas on Facebook to like and share.

Again, make it local too – partner with other small businesses and share the fun. That way, people will be encouraged to visit more sites in search of clues to the answer to the competition!

4. No time like the present

If you’ve yet to come up with a Christmas campaign your business, try not to fall into a festive pit of despair, it’s not too late to do so.

Although it’s highly recommended that you start in the early parts of November, the marketing ideas we have mentioned above can be both quick, and cost effective ways for you to kick-start a last-minute Christmas campaign.

How can we help?

Want some help creating a last minute Christmas campaign for your business? get in touch with us today. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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