Going Live on Social Media

Live social media is becoming increasingly popular- it may be something you’re already familiar with from watching a live news broadcast, or you may have seen some of your social friends going live. A few social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are giving anyone and everyone the opportunity to live broadcast from anywhere in the world.

But how can live social media help your business? Live streaming can help to generate a bigger, more engaged audience – if you think about it, any event will have geographical or physical restrictions, but if you livestream your event you make your content available to a worldwide audience.

By going live you are giving your brand a fantastic opportunity to stand out from the crowd, so share exciting content that will differentiate you from the rest. When going live you’re giving your content urgency- your live stream is a one time only event and people won’t want to miss it.

Do’s and Don’ts of Live Streaming


  • You want to get people excited for your next live broadcast, and you want to give people a reason to watch your live video. So really talk it up and make people aware you will be going live on this date at this time. Give a little teaser of what the content will be- keep it short and exciting.
  • Good lighting and good camera quality is essential, people will quickly lose interest if they’re watching a dark, grainy video – however, don’t let this put you off- most modern smartphones will be good enough to use. Perhaps do a dummy run first.
  • Going live gives your audience a great opportunity to interact with you and ask questions – be sure to keep on top of these and respond to them where you can.


  • Don’t be one of those people who bore people with their day to day life! The whole world is not interested in watching you make your morning coffee, unless you’re a Barista, of course. Keep your content interesting and watchable.
  • One that many people miss- don’t forget to check your background for any personal or embarrassing objects. You don’t want to accidentally give away any of your personal information.
  • There’s no need to go live all the time, people will get bored and your audience engagement will drop- keep it for significant occasions; a launch of a new product, a VIP tour or a live stream of an event/seminar.

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