MailChimp Automation Now Available to All

Good news Email Marketers! MailChimp has now made its marketing automation tools available for everyone to use. MailChimp’s automation tools have actually been available for sometime now, but only to those willing to pay for them. If you’re wondering what email marketing automation is, it’s essentially a set of tools that enable you to trigger communication with your clients from a wide range of ongoing campaigns.

This means that instead of sending all of your customers the same marketing messages all at the same time, you can now use the automation tools to send them at a time which will be suitable for each specific customer; therefore increasing the chance that they will be opened and read. This makes perfect sense, as every customer is unique and will inevitably read their emails at different times of day.

This has massively improved the service that MailChimp provides. Previously, the user would have had to set up a new campaign every time that they wanted to send a promotional email, which places a huge limitation on the effectiveness of the campaign.

There are also a ton of other useful things you can do with the new tools. These include such things as being able to re-engage with customers after a lapse period, send out discount rewards to your best customers, customise the product recommendations, and send detailed brand introductions to customers who make their first purchase, just to name a few.

These features help to make any email marketing campaign you create on MailChimp a much more personalised experience for your customers. This is a big advantage, as recent research has found that 75% of people prefer emails with a personalised message inside rather than one without, with personalised emails also receiving a 14% better click through rate than those which are not personalised. This is something well worth considering when planning your next Email Marketing campaign.

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