Modern Copywriting

We live in a digital age; an age where we consume short-form content that’s often limited to a specific character count, particularly across social media. In a world where our thoughts are condensed to 140 characters, it’s easy to think that writing in full prose for the purpose of marketing is a thing of the past.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, copywriters have never been more important to making a brand standout. The expectations of the modern consumer make good copywriting more important than ever – if people’s attention spans are shrinking, then copy has to be all the more captivating.

Do you have any social media open right now? If so, take a quick glance at your social media feeds and it will quickly become evident that content is being posted every second, so writing content that stands out is an invaluable skill to possess. It would certainly be an exaggeration to say that the digital age we live in has no place for copywriting. The game has changed is all, just as it has before and will do again in the future, the key is adaptability.

The modern day copywriter now faces more challenges than ever, such as mastering the art of short-form, but also making longer pieces of content as attention grabbing as possible. Modern copywriting is all about keeping it short, sweet and snappy. However, this isn’t the only challenge the modern copywriter faces. In terms of writing for social media, each platform has a different audience and therefore each requires a different tone. This means that the content you post on one platform must be easily translatable across all other platforms too.

The way in which copywriters write content has changed, but their overall aim hasn’t changed at all. It is still all about writing interesting, meaningful, and impactful content that persuades the reader to take action. This is what good copywriting has always been about, and always will be.

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