Do You Need a New Website?

So- you’re looking for a new website.

As a business owner, the first question you need to ask yourself is why you are seeking a new website. If you are looking to update, modernise or completely overhaul the look of your existing website, it should be because it will benefit your business, brand or product, and not because your website is a few years old and you’ve run out of ideas of what to do with your marketing budget.

How will your brand, product or service benefit from a better digital presence? It may be difficult to decide this yourself, so don’t be shy when it comes to seeking help from others. If you already have a website, ask your target or existing customers what they think- are they happy with how things look currently? What areas do they feel work, and which don’t? Try to gather as much research as possible from the people that will actually use your website.

Be purposeful.

Now you’re set on the idea of revamping your online look, you need to make sure your website perfectly syncs with your business objectives.

Start by asking yourself how a website could best help your business. Perhaps you are looking to promote a service, showcase work your company has completed or get users to perform a specific action- for example buying a product or contacting you. To be useful and bring a significant return on investment, a website needs to have intent. Your brief and design should centre around this intent and achieving a conversion from visitor to client.

Trust the professionals.

Consider hiring a website designer or agency. Once you have identified the intent of your website, your design partner should help you to craft an online presence that not only looks fantastic, but achieves the purpose you decided on in the previous step- in short, a design that makes you money.

While there are plenty of accessible web page building tools online, a professional designer can work with you to create a website that is fully customisable and bespoke to your business, without the restrictions of a templated design.

Test and test again.

Once your website is finished, it is crucial not to rest on your laurels. The internet is an ever-evolving beast, and you need to ensure that your new website keeps up with any new digital innovation or developments in technology. Use tools like Google Analytics to see if your website is capturing the right audience, and if they are making the intended journey through your site. Constantly evaluate your website’s performance and make decisions from there.

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