Ivy Health Surgery

The Client

Ivy Health Surgery is a weight loss and cosmetic surgery support agency who use their vast industry experience to assist their clients with selecting the most suitable surgery for their individual needs and support them throughout the build-up to the surgery and recovery process.

Owner Laura has over 10 year’s experience in the cosmetic and weight loss sector, and an unrivaled passion for providing her clients with an exceptional level of care.

The Objective

Having tried out various marketing methods in the past with mixed success, Laura enlisted us with the straightforward aim of increasing the number of enquiries both through the Ivy Health website, and through any other complementary forms of marketing we could recommend.

The Result

After getting to know Laura and understand her business better, we decided the most beneficial course of action would be to redesign the Ivy Health website to create a better experience for the user.

We prioritised the tone of voice used in the copy on the website: given the sensitivity of the services which Ivy Health offers, we wanted to be conscious of how the information would come across to the reader. We were really keen to steer away from ‘salesy’ speak and instead opt for a friendly and informative tone of voice which would guide the user through the options available to them, rather than push them towards something that they might not want.

We also designed, created and managed a PPC campaign for each separate surgery Ivy Health offers. This included undertaking extensive research into location and audience data, in order to establish which areas would be the best to target with PPC campaigns to generate the maximum amount of new, qualified enquiries.

Now, regular enquiries coming through the Ivy Health website as a result of the PPC campaign’s success. This success was brought about by the meticulous management of the campaigns, which lead to their consistent appearance on the first page of Google, resulting in a steady influx of traffic to the site.

On meeting Laura, her ability to clearly explain the intricacies of her business to an audience with sensitivity is clear. Given how useful this talent can be, we did some research into potential events that Laura could speak at; this would not only help create awareness of her brand, but could also bring in new business.

With the prospect of such events in the future, we also redesigned the existing Ivy Health leaflet to reflect the changes which we had made to the website in order to keep the brand message consistent throughout all marketing materials.

The team at Hype are a pleasure to work with. They patiently guided us through all aspects of the design process and continue to support us through our ongoing projects. The professionalism they have shown instills us with great confidence that they will continue to provide the ideas, support and results that we seek.

Laura Newland Owner

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