The Client

Born out of the creative mind of owner and long-term sci-fi enthusiast Mark back in 2009, NOR-CON is Norfolk’s premier TV, film and comic convention. Fuelled by an endless supply of drive and passion, owner Mark has quickly managed to grow the convention from a one day event with 370 visitors, to a weekend extravaganza which saw over 6000 people flooding through the doors of the Norfolk Showground this year.

A typical visit to NOR-CON may mean bumping into Daleks, R2-D2, Iron Man: who knows? It truly is a unique and immersive experience, with cosplayers dressing up as anything from Disney princesses to zombies.

As well as being entertaining and atmospheric, NOR-CON prides itself on offering a safe and friendly environment for everyone attending; which is one of the reasons NOR-CON continues to attract people of all ages and genders, year after year.

The Objective

Never one to rest on his laurels, Mark came to us full of ambition and enthusiasm for the future of NOR-CON; hungry to grow the event into something even more spectacular. To achieve this, he needed to attract some corporate sponsors. Shifting focus from the future to the present, Mark also wanted us to help generate awareness and sell more tickets in the run up to the upcoming 2017 event.

The Result

We suggested designing a corporate sponsorship pack that would be sent out to prospective local and national sponsors.

NOR-CON’s new sponsorship pack gives the reader a clear and colourful background to what the event is all about.. Also included in the pack are impressive statistics and data about NOR-CON’s attendees, target demographic, and corporate sponsorship packages with detailed pricing information. Throughout the design process, our Creative Specialist Alysia worked to ensure the sponsorship pack was eye-catching in appearance, whilst being in keeping with NOR-CON’s branding. In conjunction with creating the sponsorship pack, we also did some research into local businesses to establish a list of potential local sponsors forMark to approach with the pack.

Alongside the sponsorship pack, we also wrote a professional yet friendly sounding email template to introduce the pack when being sent out to prospective sponsors.

Turning our attention to the upcoming NOR-CON event, we set our creative minds to the task of writing an interest-provoking and informative press release which would further escalate the existing excitement around the event. We then came up with a list of local PR contacts for Mark to approach with the press release, with the aim of generating more exposure for the event in the local press.

In order to achieve Mark’s aim of selling more tickets in the run up to the event, we designed a promoted advert which ran across all the major platforms relevant to NOR-CON’s target audience (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

This involved designing an engaging GIF to grab the audience’s attention, and writing tailored copy which would spark a sense of excitement and urgency, encouraging the viewer to click the link in the post taking them to the page where they could buy tickets.

Drawing on our vast knowledge of social media, we then offered our advice to Mark on the budget he should set for the promoted adverts, and who he should target them at. This entailed thought into location, personal interests, and specifically which social media accounts would be the best to target each demographic.

Keeping with social media, we also set Mark up his own account on our agency level social media software, which made it much easier for him to schedule and keep track of all the NOR-CON social media posts and see how well each one was performing.

By looking at the comprehensive analytical reports the system produces, Mark was able to gain a greater understanding of what was working well on his pages, and we advised him to adjust his social media strategy accordingly.

Looking ahead to the 2018 event, this newfound knowledge of his audience will allow Mark to grow the NOR-CON social media following and increase user engagement with posts about the event. He’ll be able to better reach his target audience and ensure he sells the most tickets he can.

We can’t wait to see how NOR-CON grows in 2018!

Hype Marketing listened to what we wanted, advised us and engaged with us directly to enable them to produce a marketing strategy and sponsorship package at very short notice. This has given the company and event added exposure and raised awareness of our product to a greater audience of potential customers.

Mark Dean Founder and Organiser

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