Norwich Film Festival

The Client

Norwich Film Festival is an annual UK short film festival which prides itself on providing a perfect platform for filmmakers from far and wide to showcase their work and inspire new generations of filmmakers through their innovative ideas and captivating storytelling.

Originally created in 2009 but re-launched in 2012, the event has continued to grow in popularity. Each year, hundreds of fantastic short film events happen throughout Norwich. As a testament to their success, the festival has managed to attract many celebrity patrons including Hugh Jackman, Olivia Colman, and Stephen Fry!

The Objective

To review the existing Norwich Film Festival website and suggest changes which could help users to more easily navigate around the site and buy tickets. With social media a key part of Norwich Film Festival’s marketing strategy, we also wanted to help make it easier for them to plan and monitor their social activity, and determine which types of content received the most amount of engagement.

Our Solution

With an influx of website traffic expected during the build-up to the 2017 festival, we immediately set to work reviewing the Norwich Film Festival website and looked specifically at the layout and how information was displayed on each page of the site.

Upon the completion of this review, we sat down with festival co-director and trustee Craig to share our thoughts on the site and suggest some changes which would not only be quick and easy for him to implement, but also effective in terms of improving user experience and generating ticket sales.

We advised editing the layout of the homepage to make it easier for users to buy tickets to the festival after landing on the site. We also suggested changing the layout of the events page to a classic scroll down format. This would make it easier for users to distinguish between each separate event, and encourage them to click through to learn more about it.

Taking on board our advice, it wasn’t long before Craig implemented the changes we suggested. These changes have had a big effect on the Norwich Film Festival website in terms of making it much more user-friendly and less cluttered – letting the user see the information they’re looking for quickly.

After having explained the many benefits of doing so, we agreed to create a Norwich Film Festival account on our agency level social media software. We also wrote a quick guide which included links to useful information to help Craig to gain an understanding of how to get the most out of the system.

As well as making it easier to schedule posts over the busiest periods on the run-up to the festival, the reporting software gave Craig an invaluable insight into how each post performed and which types of content were generating the most amount of engagement. The reporting software also provided key statistics on the growth of each Norwich Film Festival channel, and analytical data showing which social media platform was performing the best in terms of connecting with its target audience.

A newfound knowledge of his audience has stood Craig in good stead for the future: he now knows the type of content that is popular with his target audience, and how to grow the Norwich Film Festival social media following.

Hype Marketing were incredible at supporting the Norwich Film Festival, both with social media and the suggestions they made which have helped to improve the online presence of the festival. The staff are incredibly friendly, supportive and will go the extra mile to help your company succeed. We would recommend them to anyone!

Co-Director & Trustee Craig Higgins

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