Populus Healthcare

The Client

Populus Healthcare Recruitment is a specialist healthcare recruitment agency in Norwich that provides hospitals, hospices and residential care homes throughout the region with nurses, support workers and healthcare assistants for both short and long-term cover.

The Objective

Determined to be different, Populus chose us to tackle the exciting challenge of creating them a memorable yet professional identity for their new brand. This included designing a unique logo and brand colour scheme to help Populus stand out in healthcare recruitment market, as well as crafting a website which would be tailored both for the needs of Populus’ corporate clients (those who recruit the staff) and the candidates for the jobs (those who are recruited).

Digital aside and with the professional image of the brand in mind, Populus also asked us to design and organise installation of their office signage, as well as designing some stationary which their team could use when undertaking typical day to day tasks.

The Result

The creation process for the Populus Healthcare brand was initiated by our Creative Specialist Alysia, who designed a professional looking logo suitable for use both online and in print. This was created in conjunction with an eye-catching colour scheme and accompanying typography.

Ever keen to create something distinctive, our logo design process began with research into the local healthcare recruitment market, and Populus’ competitors. Throughout the logo designing process, we made a deliberate effort to ensure all the design ideas shared a point of difference from these competitors, so that Populus could really stand out. Our creative efforts culminated in an a unique logo which is instantly associable to the industry and the brand it fronts.

Understanding the need for the Populus website to be up and running as quickly as possible, rather than putting up a holding page as is the case for most projects, we opted for a different approach: we designed a one-page responsive website which could be easily expanded into a multi-page website once all the pieces were ready to fall into place.

Although the website was designed and built within a short timescale, functionality was was never compromised, with user experience and easy navigation to important information topping the list of priorities.

With this in mind, the website was given a ‘sticky’ header bar which follows the user down the page, allowing for quick access to any information that they might need. Also incorporated were customised icons which make the benefits of using Populus crystal clear for the user, as well as an informative footer summarising all the key information and making it easy for users to get in touch.

With the website up and running, we shifted our attention from the digital to the offline appearance of Populus, by designing them some impactful branded office signage. This signage came in the imposing form of large stand-out acrylic cut-outs, which were installed against one of the branded coloured walls.

To give the office some added privacy from outside, we designed a frosted vinyl with branded cutouts which were applied to the glass fronts of the office.The result of this is a bespoke, modern looking office consistent with new branding.

To match the stylish appearance of their office, we also designed and organised the printing of some new business cards for the Populus team. These business cards have a spot UV finish applied to the logo, to help it stand out against the branded coloured backdrop which covers the front of the card. We also designed a matching printed letterhead, digital letterhead and HTML email signature which not only works across multiple email providers, but also provides clear contact information in a stylish format that is on-brand.

Hype Marketing did an excellent job of gaining a quick yet in-depth understanding of our business and market, and developed a launch plan and marketing strategy that has had a significant and positive impact on our business.

Maxwell Madoda Managing Director

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