White October Events

The Client

White October Events are a London based team of event organisers who design and deliver some of the world’s best tech and practical training conferences. Their events have garnered enormous respect for providing those that attend with invaluable knowledge and insightful talks from leading experts.

Set up back in 2013, White October Events have grown into a talented team that boasts a vast amount of experience in designing and organising conferences. The team currently manage 7 conferences in total, all of which take place at different times of the year and at different locations across the world including New York, Austin, and London.

The Objective

White October Events approached us looking for help with the planning and scheduling of social media content for 3 of their upcoming conferences, with the straightforward aim being to help drive more ticket sales for the events.

This help would come in the form of writing and scheduling posts over a 13 day period for White October’s hugely successful international ‘LeadDev’ conference, ‘Angular Connect’ conference, and the newest of their conferences ‘DeltaV’ conference which was in its first year.

Keen to grow their conferences further, we also agreed with White October Events to create and launch 2 promoted Twitter campaigns for each of the conferences (6 in total) with the underlying objective being to drive more traffic to the pages where users could buy tickets to the events on each website.

For these promoted campaigns, we proposed writing compelling content and setting up the targeting of each campaign based upon the interests of the target audience, as well as monitoring the spend of each advert throughout and proactively altering the spend depending on daily ticket sales.

We agreed that upon initial creation of both the organic and promoted posts, all of the content produced would be reviewed and approved by the White October Events team, so to ensure that everyone was happy with what was to be posted.

Social media aside, and with the intention of exploiting other areas of marketing, we discussed the idea of creating a PPC campaign for White October Events’ upcoming Angular Connect conference.

Much like the promoted social media campaigns, the objective of this would be to spark an initial interest in the event and drive traffic to the pages where people would be able to buy tickets for the event.

Our Solution

Having highlighted communication and cooperation as key points to consider whilst working with the White October Events team, before producing any content we decided to create a spreadsheet which displayed the content we produced in a clear and organised format. Upon viewing the spreadsheet, this made it much easier for the team to review the content and add suggestions.

With the spreadsheet created and explained to the White October Events team, we set to work creating the agreed 63 pieces of organic content which would be posted across 3 different Twitter profiles.

Understanding how important tone of voice was for each conference, we made the wording of the posts a top priority; carefully considering how each sentence would be perceived by the target audience. As part of the planning process for the posts, we were also very keen to implement a strong call to action which would compel the reader to click the link directing them to buy tickets.

The meticulous planning and thought our team put into each post culminated in the content we produced being well received by the target audience of each conference. This was reflected in the analytics of White October Events’ social media scheduling software, which showed a significant increase in the number of clicks each post was receiving.

Shifting focus from organic to promoted, we set our minds to creating content for the promoted Twitter campaigns. This involved crafting 6 pieces of interest-provoking content.

As part of the promoted campaigns, we created a GIF which counted down the days to the beginning of the Angular Connect conference. Given that the theme for the conference was space, we were very keen to incorporate this. The result of our efforts was an eye-catching rocket themed countdown to the “lift-off” of the event, which was sure to catch the eye of the target audience and spark the sense of urgency needed to drive ticket sales.

With all the pieces in place for the design and content for the promoted posts, we then set our sights on analysing the demographic information of each of White October Events’ target audiences. The knowledge we were able to extract from this was then put to good use – strategically targeting each social media campaign based on the specific interests of the target demographic.

We also created a PPC campaign for the Angular Connect conference which drove traffic to the ‘buy tickets’ page of the website. With the conference on the horizon, the PPC campaign proved to be incredibly effective, providing an invaluable amount of traffic to the website.

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