PPC – What Is It and Does Your Business Need It?

PPC. Google Adwords. Bing Ads. These are terms you may have heard of before, then again, maybe not. A large proportion of people are completely unaware of what PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is, yet anyone who has ever used Google (or any other mainstream search engines for that matter) would have came into contact with PPC advertising. Generally, when people talk about PPC, they are referring to Google Adwords, the reason for this is simple. Google is the biggest of all the search engines, this means you can reach a larger number of people with your ads.

The Basics

When you make a search on Google, the search results that appear are comprised of ‘organic’ search results and ‘paid’ search results, unless of course your search term is something not relating to anything commercial. For example, if you search for the term ‘the history of the Mongolia’, this is unlikely to display any adverts. If however, you search for a term like ‘Hotels in Edinburgh’, this is likely to display a large number of adverts.

Adword search

What do you know, no adverts! Now compare this to the results displayed for the search term ‘Hotels in Edinburgh’.

Hotel Search

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what PPC is, let’s move on to whether or not it’s something you should incorporate into your marketing strategy.

Will PPC work for your business?

Let me start by saying PPC doesn’t work for every business out there, but it can for a large number of businesses, in fact it probably works for the vast majority of businesses. PPC works so well because you’re selling to people when they actively searching for it.

When someone searches on Google they are usually doing so because they want to find a solution to something at that specific moment in time. PPC allows you to advertise your product/service at the best possible time – when the consumer is actively seeking out your product/service. They may search for something like “Hotels in Edinburgh”. Hotels that operate Edinburgh can then create an advert tailored specifically for people that make that exact search.

If you feel that your business offers something that people are likely to search the internet for, then there is a very good chance that online advertising will work well for your business. Since most people do search the internet to find what they want, investing in PPC is something you should definitely consider.

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