The Secret to Good Copywriting

When you hear the word ‘copywriting’ what springs to mind? Without presuming to know everything about my reader, I would suspect nothing particularly exciting. Perhaps your mind conjures up images of poorly designed leaflets and tacky websites filled with cheesy, sales-focused statements.

This is not what good copywriting is about – it never has been. The secret to good copywriting is and always will be about telling a good story. If one thing sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, it is our ability to tell stories. We are a species of storytellers. Early humans would sit around a fire and beguile each other with tales, these days we read books or watch movies and TV shows.

Whether it’s the latest Stephen King novel or an episode of Game of Thrones, we’re suckers for a good story. It’s no different with copywriting. Phrases like “GREAT VALUE, BUY NOW!” simply aren’t effective. Neither is reeling off a long list of all the great things about your product or service. If you really want to grab the attention of consumers, tell them a good story.

Tell your reader a story about a version of their life in which your product or service is present, and how it benefits them. By adopting this personal approach, you grab the attention of your reader and hold it. Tell one story. Convey one clear and concise message and observe the power of good copywriting in action.

Businesses and consumers alike are slowly waking up to this fact, as is evident by the gradual shift in the way copywriters communicate with their readers. And so, in remembrance of bad copywriting : DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND, INCORPORATE STORYTELLING INTO YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY NOW!

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