SEO Tips for Copywriters

The world of copywriting is a highly competitive place. Thousands of pieces of new content are created every day, which means it’s very easy for your piece you to get lost in the crowd. The harsh reality is you could write a fantastic piece of copy, but if no one finds the page you published it on the time you spent creating it is wasted. To prevent this from happening, it is important you harness the power of SEO and use it to propel your copy as high up in the search engine rankings as possible. Want to know how to do this? Here are some of best ways!


Think of your piece of copy like a book on a shelf. You want to give it an engaging title which will help it stand out, as well as make people want to read beyond the cover. Including keywords in the title is often recommended, but don’t always feel like you have to incorporate these.. It’s great if you can, but if it doesn’t fit in comfortably with the rest of the title you are better to not include it.


Meta descriptions are an integral part of SEO, as this is one of the ways search engines determine what your piece of writing is all about. With this in mind, try and include the keywords which you want your piece to rank for using unique copy, as well as a call to action.


The way you present and organise your copy does a lot more than just making it pleasing to the eye; good presentation increases the appeal of your writing to search engines as well. By structuring your paragraphs and ordering your headings in a way which is easy for both the reader and search engine crawlers to understand, you will give your copy the best possible chance of success.


Don’t make the mistake of overusing keywords. The idea of using keywords is to make your copy rank for what your target audience are likely to search for, not rank for as many words as possible. Plus, by including just one or two keywords you will make it much easier to strategically slide them into your copy, which will result in your writing having a good flow throughout.

Link Building

The relationship between SEO and links is a match made in heaven. Implement them correctly and you can guarantee a positive impact on search engine rankings; but beware, as bad linking will have the complete opposite effect. A good question to ask yourself when putting links in your content is – “will this add value for the reader?” If the answer is yes, put them in. If not, leave them out.


Every good piece of content needs a strong image to go with it. As well as enticing people to click, an image presents another opportunity to boost your search engine ranking. This is because the alt text on an image highly valued by search engines, as the text is read as a description for the contents of the image.. You can be rest assured that taking the time to write specific, descriptive alt text will be time well spent.


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