Social Media Trends for 2017

There was no absence of changes to social media in 2016 and looking towards 2017 social platforms will continue to evolve and surprise us. Just as you’ve wrapped your head around the latest features or developed a new strategy, the rules change. We thought we would help you stay ahead of the game and listed what we think will take centre stage this year:

Live Video

Some of you may have heard of Live video with the likes of Twitter and Facebook already incorporating this into their feeds. Social videos have much more engagement than any other content format, and have been responsible for a lot of growth on Facebook, so no wonder more platforms are getting on board. Authentic content was a huge hit in 2016 and not looking to slow down in 2017.

Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality

Whilst Virtual Reality isn’t commonly used at the present time, a couple of brands are definitely experimenting with it. We know the appeal is there, just think back to when Pokemon Go was popular you could barely walk down the street without seeing someone trying to catch a Zubat. Keep an eye out for more VR/AR trends as they are becoming more and more popular.

Social Commerce

Social shopping isn’t slowing down and more social platforms are providing brands with easier ways to sell to customers. Consumers use brands’ social media pages for influence and social commerce gives the consumer the opportunity to buy directly from the brand. So in 2017 more shoppers will be looking to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for their next online purchase.

Rise of the Chatbots

Customer service should be top priority for any business. Chatbots may be able to satisfy basic customer service and information needs, with quick responses 24/7, allowing customer service representatives to answer more in-depth queries. With Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter all introducing chatbots, prepare to start talking to machines more often.

Facial Lenses

Snapchat’s facial filters makes platform stand out from the crowd – however, it won’t be long until the likes of Facebook and Instagram catch up and include their own facial lenses. Younger generations continue to spend large amounts of time interacting on these features so, the battle for the facial lenses is looking to heat up in 2017.

Moving forward it’s important for you to reflect on the previous year and work out what did and didn’t work so well for you and your business. It’s helpful to carry this knowledge through to 2017 and continue to develop your strategy by learning and incorporating all the great trends to come in 2017.

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