A Super Sponsorship Pack and Successful Social Media Campaign for NOR-CON

The Brief

In August, East Anglia’s biggest comic convention NOR-CON came to us with the challenge of increasing the ticket sales of their upcoming 2017 event, and generating interest for potential corporate sponsorship opportunities in the future.

You won’t be surprised to hear that we were immediately excited – I mean, what creative agency wouldn’t be at such a prospect? After all, it’s not everyday you get to work on a project which involves sci-fi and superheroes.

And our excitement only continued to grow following our first meeting with the founder and organiser of NOR-CON, Mark Dean, a man who is as lighthearted and enjoyable to speak to as the convention he organises.

During the meeting, Mark spoke with us in depth regarding his growth ambitions for the upcoming convention (which was just under two months away) as well as next year’s convention. It was during this meeting that we presented to Mark the ideas we had which would help him achieve his objectives.

What We Delivered

  • Corporate Sponsorship Pack

Corporate sponsorship was an area that NOR-CON had underexploited in previous years. We proposed the creation of a professional and engaging corporate sponsorship pack, detailing important stats and data relating to NOR-CON’s audience demographic and the sponsorship options available.

We worked with Mark to create sponsorship packages that would not only be commercially attractive to businesses looking to associate themselves with NOR-CON, but that would also enhance the event for attendees.

The sponsorship pack itself consisted of 10 pages of useful information, eye catching visuals and some impressive statistics highlighting the popularity and rapid growth of the convention to persuade prospective sponsors to support.

  • Social Media Campaign to Drive Ticket Sales

We proposed the implementation of a multi-platform social media campaign (across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), with the objective to boost awareness and drive traffic to the NOR-CON booking page to increase ticket sales.

We identified the target audience(s) who had relevant interests and would likely travel a reasonable distance to attend the upcoming NOR-CON convention. The promoted content (shown below) consisted of an eye-catching animated GIF supported by some concise, entertaining and informative copy about how/why you should book.


Alongside the promoted social media campaign, we supported Mark with his organic posting by creating him an account and providing training on our Agency Social Media Software. This software allowed Mark to plan, create and schedule all social media content in the run up to the event, as well as producing detailed reports containing insightful statistics and performance analysis. The data from these reports proved to be hugely valuable content for the sponsorship pack, showing the true reach of NOR-CON.

The Result

So what was the end result of our hard work?

  • An engaging and informative sponsorship pack ready to send out to potential sponsors, which perfectly promotes the NOR-CON brand.
  • A highly successful social media campaign which reached a staggering 20,000 people, and had over 8,600 video views;
  • One very happy client!

Mark was delighted with the work we produced, and has already began to send out the sponsorship pack to potential sponsors for next years event. Hopefully this sponsorship pack, complemented by Mark’s enthusiasm will attract some big name sponsors; and ultimately grow the already highly successful NOR-CON into something even more impressive.

“Hype Marketing listened to what we wanted, advised us and engaged with us directly to enable them to
produce a marketing strategy and sponsorship package at very short notice. This has given the company
and event added exposure and raised awareness of our product to a greater audience of potential
customers.” – Mark Dean (NOR-CON Founder & Organiser)

Could we help you?

Think we could help with promoting your event? Perhaps you need advice about your social media marketing, or some guidance in securing sponsorship. Get in touch with us today – we’d love to be involved with your project!


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