The Importance of CodePen

CodePen describes itself as a ‘playground for the front end web’, and this is true, but I think it’s so much more. In fact, I believe CodePen plays a crucial role in the advancement and evolution of web development as a whole.

The industry needs a platform where Developers can freely share ideas, display their creativity and inspire each other. Nothing quite like CodePen currently exists, and in a sector where almost all knowledge is self-taught, CodePen is invaluable.

CodePen is a community comprising of some of the most talented coders on the planet. Yet, you will also find beginners here and this is what makes CodePen so great – it’s a community open to coders of all levels.

There is also a palpable practicality to CodePen; it functions as one of the best environments to draft front end code. You will often find professional Developers using CodePen as a tool to develop and refine their code.

Perhaps most importantly of all, CodePen is a hell of a lot of fun. I challenge my reader to visit and not be entertained by any of the many quirky code snippets available to view, Developer or not.

Here’s one our resident Web Developer, Barry Ducker made earlier:

See the Pen CodePen – Nothing Quite Like it! by Barry Ducker (@tekkie) on CodePen.

You can see the full version, here.

A pro version of CodePen is available for users that want that little bit extra. At it’s core though, it’s completely free to use and considering just how useful CodePen is, I strongly recommend any Developer, aspiring developer or anyone with even the slightest interest in code to get involved in this fantastic community.

It may sound like I’ve been commissioned by CodePen to write this blog as a form of advertisement, but the truth is, here at Hype we just recognise the potential of CodePen and the necessity for it in the industry.

CodePen is educational, practical and fun. So, what are you waiting for? Join the CodePen revolution!

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