Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns That Actually Work

Love is in the air everywhere I look around
Sickly marketing fills every sight and every sound

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day is the epitome of cheesiness. If the year’s holidays could be represented by a food item, Valentine’s Day would be extra strong Stilton. Around this time of year, you’ll find businesses of all sizes seemingly set on achieving one goal: marketing their product or service in the sappiest way possible.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t compromise your brand. Skip the use of graphical representations of vital organs and bow & arrow wielding, winged babies. It is possible to market a business in a way that feels genuine and authentic at this time of year – just take a look at our favourite examples from big-name brands below:


Netflix ( US & Canada) created this short skit for Valentine’s Day back in 2016. In the video, Netflix is trying to convince its audience that the key to someone’s heart is through their favourite movies and shows. Watch his/her favourite show and you’ll have something to talk about, right?

We like it because it’s different, funny and most importantly – it’s not overly cheesy.

Starbucks +

The perfect match? Coffee and first dates are a timeless combination, more casual than evening dates but a great way of getting to know someone. In 2014, 3.1 million new Match users listed “coffee & conversation” as an interest on their profile. With this knowledge, Match partnered up with Starbucks to introduce #StarbucksDates.

On Valentine’s Day, you could simply open the app and tap the “Meet at Starbucks” feature. Match will then set up a date with someone nearby at a local Starbucks.
We like this because it’s effective – more people are bound to have opened the app if only to give the feature a try for the day.

Starbucks Date


The Supermarket chain, Tesco sets out to test a matchmaking system that pairs people solely through what’s in their shopping baskets. Interestingly, it seems you can find love in a hopeless place – according to Adweek, two of the for dates went well, with one of the couples planning to meet-up in Nepal.

We like this marketing campaign because it’s just oddly captivating to see a psychotherapist analyse people’s shopping habits and then match them up with a complete stranger based on their conclusions.

You can watch the awkward supermarket aisle encounters below:


You can indeed use Valentine’s Day as a marketing opportunity and it need not have cheesy and tacky written all over it. The key to a successful marketing campaign this Valentine’s Day (or for any time of year really) is to create something that is authentic, creative and compellingly engaging.

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