Is WordPress Still King of the Castle?

For a long time WordPress was considered the best Content Management System (CMS) by web developers, designers and website owners alike. But is this still the case? WordPress currently faces some serious competition, with the likes of Drupal, Joomla, Perch, Medium and Shopify growing in popularity.

While these competitors certainly have a lot to offer, we still believe WordPress is the best CMS system to use, and here’s why:

Ease of Use

Providing you’re IT literate and are able to use basic software like Microsoft Word or pretty much any email platform, we see no reason why you can’t learn to manage a website through WordPress.

Granted, there are CMS systems with less-steep learning curves, take Medium for example, it’s incredibly easy to use, but that’s because you have nowhere near as much control over the website. A WordPress site is only as complex as you make it, if you want an all-singing, all-dancing website then it can become too complex for a layman to manage. Having said that, publishing new content to your website, adding pages, images and video is all relatively straightforward in WordPress . Plus, WordPress has a fantastic community, where developers and general users should be able to answer any questions you might have by posting them to the forum.

Customisation and Control

As a website owner using WordPress , you’ll have complete control over every single aspect of the website. Everything from content to page structure can be customised using WordPress. While it is true that WordPress originated as a blogging platform, it has evolved well beyond that and is now capable of managing any kind of site, whether it’s an eCommerce site, business site or a personal blog.

Full Ownership

With WordPress, you’re the owner of all site files. When you post on platforms that aren’t hosted on your own account or server, and in your own name, you don’t control or own the underlying files that form the basis of the resulting pages. You might be wondering why this matters. It matters if the CMS you use suddenly changes its pricing structure – pricing itself out of your budget. If you don’t continue to meet the new payments, you can essentially lose your website. The site files are what make up your website, so retaining ownership over these is a security blanket you may not be able to afford to do without.


WordPress is an open source software and is completely free. The only required costs are hosting and registering the domain, which is true for any website, regardless of platform. As a marketing agency, we are able to provide a lower-cost service for website builds (lower than if we used other CMS systems) because WordPress itself is free to use.


As this blog clearly shows, we favour WordPress as a CMS. Though that’s not to say that competitors don’t have an edge over WordPress in certain areas, because they do. However, we believe that overall WordPress is the best all-round CMS system, which is the reason we generally use it.

But don’t just take our word for it, in fact globally 26% of all websites use WordPress.

So, as far as we’re concerned, WordPress still holds its title as the king of CMS platforms.

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