How to Write Copy That Converts

What makes good copywriting? In truth, it’s difficult to pick just one thing, but if you were to put the question to businesses, the most popular answer would certainly be conversions. This is to be expected, as writing compelling copy has, and still is, one of the key ways businesses look to convert clicks into customers.

But how do you write copy that converts? Well, here are some of our top tips for penning copy that will convert.

Engaging headline – If you’re reading this blog, then I’m really pleased that the title did its job! This isn’t about writing a ‘clickbait’ title, it’s about coming up with a title that will give people an incentive to read what you have to say. If the person reading isn’t interested in the title of your blog or article, then they’re not going to read any further, meaning all of your hard work will have been wasted.

Know your Stuff – When it comes to copywriting, the more you know about your given subject, the more effective your copy is likely to be. A large part of a copywriter’s job is actually research, this is an essential part of copywriting, it adds authenticity to your work. The end result is copy that is accurate, honest, and full of useful information.

The art of persuasion – Writing, and copywriting, in particular, is all psychological. Understanding your audience and exactly what it is they want from your service is crucial to converting leads. Establish this, and you will find it much easier to write effective copy which will encourage your readers to take action.

Be unique – If your copy isn’t driving the results you want, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Continually writing in the same stubborn style will quickly become boring for your readers, especially if you’re writing large quantities of content. You do not want your copy to stagnate, the needs and wants of your audience are constantly changing, and so must your copy. A bit of individuality can go a long way when it comes to making your copy stand out, so try to put as much of your personality into it as you can!

Copy is a key factor that is commonly responsible for whether or not a lead becomes a customer. It is for this reason that your copy needs to not just be good, but great.

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